The Right Power Grading Tool Will Change The Outcome

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A variety of options are available to change the colour options of an image or a video. Applying the right balance, will change the final image to a great extend? It will help in bringing up a poor colour balance set to a richly enhanced bright one. This can be done within a short span of time with the help of the right tool.

Colour Balance

With a comprehensive set of tools available with fcpx color grading one gets to have the option for a three way color wheel for each of the lows, highs and the mids. The basic elements like color, temperature, saturation ratio and exposure can be altered to the right extent. The RGB curves will come with the standard controls which also allow adding unlimited points.  For helping with the specialists there are even lab curves which will help in problem solving.

fcpx color grading

Other elements

With the option of fully integrated tracked masks one gets to have a perfect solution in color grading here. Choosing one layer will even allow applying the entire options as an overall grade. This paves way for applying both inside as well as outside the mask. Unlike other software which requires duplication of various layers, this one will save time a lot by enabling the application for the entire layer. Even shot to shot comparisons can be performed here along with the possibility of auto balance using passport video. Presence of grade groups is an additional advantage.